Verso Studios
Verso Studios, photo courtesy of Verso Records

Connecticut Public Library Announces Vinyl Compilation of Music Recorded at Its Studio

According to the Westport Public Library, Verso Records: Volume One is the first vinyl album recorded, produced, and released by a public library

Westport, Connecticut, is home to the Westport Library, which houses Verso Studios. Today, the library has announced Verso Records: Volume One, which is out June 3. The library claims that it’s the first album ever recorded, produced, and released by a public library. It’s a collection of music by local musicians, including the Problem With Kids Today. Check out the tracklist below.

“I feel so proud to live in a community that supports a library that, in turn, celebrates its local emerging and established musicians,” Talking Heads’ Chris Frantz, who works with the library, said in a statement. “Continuing its legacy in cultural innovation, the Westport Library has become the first public library ever to record, produce and release a vinyl album, and it’s really cool!”