Is there Magic on the Radio?

We were very poor when I was growing up as a child and didn’t have much TV around.  Now that is a different story of course.  Technology has changed so much that everyone can have a TV for a very low cost and most people have more than one TV.  When I was a child though, the device that would transport me to different places was my radio.  It was the one thing that I would listen to for hours.  I would listen pianists, big band music, jazz, and radio personalities.  This is where I would dream and spend hours of my time.  I believe this was more powerful than watching television, it made me expand my imagination.

magic in the radio

 What is On the Radio Now

Radio has changed and music has advanced.  Now there are so many different genres of music out there that it is hard to keep up.  Also, satellite radio has made a large impact on when and where we can listen to the radio.  I think over time radio just keeps getting better and better.  I also now have the ability to play music on my own radio station.  The only problem now that I face is finding listeners to tune in because there is so many options available on the market. The best thing is, you can find anything you want to listen to at any time.

The radio is still a device that you can reach thousands of listeners with and influence many.  There isn’t as much power in radio though than there is with video, but the radio sparks more imagination than video.  So you should ask yourself, when was the last time you looked for a new radio station?  What would you like to see from a radio station if you can select one to be the way you wanted.  Please if you have any feedback, let me know if the comments or contact page.

Relaxing to the Radio

The best time I feel when to listen to the radio is when I am relaxed and close my eyes.  Some of the best music is heard when there is no distractions and you get to lay back and listen.  When you close your eyes, it puts you in the audience and you can hear your favorite classical tunes.  This is where the imagination flies.  Radio will almost always change my mood.  When I go on long road trips I make my satellite radio with me and listen to my favorite comedy channel.  This is one of the best ways to enjoy my time.

So no matter how you listen to the radio or tune into satellite, you will gain so much more pleasure from listening on a regular basis.  If you want to get involved with making your own radio station then now it is easier then ever.  Technology is on your side and costs are at an all time low.  If you need help or have questions then please reach out on our website.  I would love to help.

Posted on September 11, 2016

How and Where to Get Started Making an Online Radio Station

Is Online Radio For You?

If you are looking to get started with your vary own online radio station, there are some things to consider before getting started.  This video is a great starting place and this website will host many different ideas on music and radio.

Posted on April 2, 2015